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Gender Revolution

Note: Due to the pandemic, Gender Revolution is currently running online. See Gender Revolution’s Facebook page for details on how to join.

Gender Revolution is a weekly support group based in Saskatoon for transgender, non-binary, and gender diverse people. It is a space where diversity of gender identity, presentation, and expression is valued and it is a safe space for all those who are questioning, exploring, and/or celebrating their gender. Gender Revolution is offered as part of OUTSaskatoon’s programming every Thursday at 7:00pm at OUTSaskatoon (213 Avenue C South, Saskatoon). Check out Gender Revolution’s Facebook page for more information on events and how to join.

Drumlin Crape

Drumlin Crape (they/them) is the genderqueer and transmasculine facilitator of the Gender Revolution group. Drumlin’s experience in the queer community began early when they led their high school’s Queer Straight Alliance in Calgary, and has since grown to include providing education to organizations wanting to improve their understanding and accommodation of 2SLGBTQ+ people, gathering resource lists for queer and trans organizations to use, and peer support. Drumlin’s years of experience with Camp fYrefly Calgary leading workshops, mentoring youth, and learning alongside other queer and trans people have taught them a deep appreciation of community and chosen family. Outside of their Gender Revolution role, Drumlin studies English at the University of Saskatchewan, spends time with their cat and their loved ones, runs, listens to probably too many podcasts, and analyzes pop culture for queer subtext.

Resilience Trans Group (Regina)

Note: Due to the pandemic, Resilience is currently running online. Fill out Resilience’s registration form or email UR Pride for more information.

Resilience is an adult oriented social support group for those who are transgender, gender diverse, or interested in exploring their gender. Resilience is offered as part of UR Pride’s programming and runs every Wednesday from 5-6pm.


Kēr (they/them) is an intersex bisexual transfem Prairie Girl™ who prides themself on calling Treaty 4 Territory home. Although she’s a colossal mess she still somehow manages to gather herself enough to be involved in community building, development and organising and can be found working on matters – gender, race, sexuality and social justice. They’re passionate about mental wellness and are an ardent proponent of healing and self-loving. HIV/AIDS has been a lifelong work of hers and she was part of getting the Ministry of Health (Saskatchewan) to start allocating funding to provide universal coverage for HIV medications in the financial year 2018-19 i.e. PrEP, PEP and management / treatment of HIV.