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Accessing Affirming Healthcare

Trans Health Navigators

For those seeking gender-affirming healthcare, including hormone therapy, surgery referrals, finding an affirming doctor, and accompaniment to appointments, the Trans Health Navigators can help navigate the healthcare system. We currently have two Trans Health Navigators, based out of Saskatoon and Regina, each assigned to a particular half of the province.

The Navigators are also able to assist in a number of other ways — including with name changes, changing gender markers, and finding support groups.

The Trans Health Navigators were originally piloted as part of a research project by the University of Saskatchewan’s School of Rehabilitation Science and Academic Family Medicine, in collaboration with OUTSaskatoon and UR Pride.

Saskatoon and Northern Saskatchewan

Elijah (he/him)

Regina and Southern Saskatchewan

Ken (he/him)

Saskatchewan Medical Transition Guide

Created by the Saskatchewan Transgender Health Coalition (STHC), the Saskatchewan Medical Transition Guide is intended for transgender and gender diverse individuals seeking to medically transition in the province of Saskatchewan. The guide offers information around what processes and procedures related to medically transitioning are available within and outside the province of Saskatchewan, how and where to access these services, and what services are covered by Saskatchewan Health Authority.

The STHC is a coalition of trans patients, activists, advocates, and allies, 2SLGBTQIAP+ (Two Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Pansexual) service organizations, along with frontline healthcare practitioners, and administrative/support staff. The coalition’s goal is to improve access to and quality of trans and transition related healthcare and mental healthcare in the province of Saskatchewan.

Please note: that this guide was last updated in 2019 and the information may not represent current standards, providers, or pathways for transition-related care in the province.

View the Saskatchewan Medical Transition Guide

Accessing Hormones in Saskatchewan

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