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Community Report

So They Know That We’re Here

While research on 2STNBGN people has grown over the past number of years, research on this population in Saskatchewan is lacking. Prior to the current census, there have been only two larger surveys of gender diverse people living in Saskatchewan with low response rates from community members in the province. “So they know that we’re here”: The Trans Sask Community Report is the result of a year-long community engagement and research process that aims to address the absence of data. Through this process, our community entrusted us with telling the stories of Two-Spirit, trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming (2STNBGN) people in Saskatchewan.

The full report below covers all of our key findings, response demographics from our province-wide survey, excerpts from our interviews with community co-investigators, and our report recommendations. We also have a shorter executive summary version available, and a version with simplified formatting for accessibility.

If you would like to help enable us to do more of this work in the future, please consider donating to Trans Sask.

How to cite this report:
Fayant-McLeod, T., Bergen, J., Loewen Walker, R., Yacishyn, C., & Bird, N. (2022). ‘So they know we’re here’: The Trans Sask 2022 community report. Trans Sask Support Services

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This project was funded by Women and Gender Equality Canada

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