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What Is It?

Funded by Sask Lotteries and supported by SaskCulture, TransCreate seeks to re-connect Two-Spirit, IndigiQueer, trans, non-binary, and gender diverse individuals throughout Saskatchewan with their creativity, passions, and voice through workshops that teach them about the digital arts in a post-covid world. These events will be publicly available — though explicitly centering gender diverse experiences and voices — through an artistic lens that teaches participants a variety of skills surrounding self-expression, advocacy, and more. We hope to provide members of our marginalized community with the opportunities they deserve to explore creative self-expression and learn about new crafts in an affirming, safe space where they feel comfortable being creatively vulnerable.

When and Where Is It?

TransCreate will host 6 online workshops over Zoom between now and February 2022. Confirmed dates so far include:

Events are all ages unless otherwise specified. However, gender and sexual diversity and expression can sometimes be inherently for mature audiences, so parental discretion is advised for younger folk.

Why Is It?

TransSask has heard a lot from the gender diverse community about a lack of programming from other organizations that makes them feel seen, heard, understood, appreciated, and validated. We have been made aware of how difficult it can be for individuals of all ages to find affirming, safe spaces where they can be creative, or learn how to create in new mediums. This project serves as a bridge between gender diverse individuals and their creative expression.

Funded by Sask Lotteries and Supported by SaskCulture