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acâhkos calf-child dubois

March 17, 10:30pm – 4:30 | Cosmo Centre

acâhkos calf child-dubois (wīn/wiya/they) is an Anihšināpē-nêhiyaw-Siksika undisciplined artist and experimental musician from Muscowpetung Saulteaux First Nation (Mahkwa), with maternal ties to Siksika Nation (Piitohpikisa). their practice explores expressing love for the world that their ancestors built for them by utilizing digital media as a tool for cultivating language immersion, disobedience towards fear, and the assertion of inherent rights. they also like beading, painting, and sewing stuff. they are currently majoring in Creative Technologies at the University of Regina.”
“I’m hoping to faciliate an art space that cultivates ideas of autonomy and permanence, with reference to rage and the land. You may bead, you may paint, but most importantly, may you live without restraint.”

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