Support Coordinator

Job Title: Support Coordinator

Wage: $20/hr, 25hrs/wk

Term: 45 Weeks


Location: Anywhere in Saskatchewan

Reporting: Position will report to Chair of HR Committee


Apply By: January 23, 2019



The Support Director will be responsible for implementing and managing TransSask’s pilot of TransConnect: Social Supports for Trans Communities in Saskatchewan  project. The project consists of establishing (or finding partners already offering) trans and gender diverse support groups in Regina, Saskatoon, Moose Jaw and Prince Albert; as well as establishing an online peer-support system for transgender and gender diverse people in Saskatchewan.



General Duties

  • Respond to TransSask’s email support requests in a timely manner.

  • Ensure project and program budgets are being adhered to.

  • Regularly report project and program progress to Board of Directors.

  • Develop and implement a marketing plan to promote TransConnect programs.


Duties relating to in-person support groups:

  • Establish or partner with in-person transgender and gender diverse support groups in Regina, Moose Jaw, Saskatoon, and Prince Albert.

  • Meet with support group leaders to develop a marketing plan and budget for their local groups.

  • Establish evaluation metrics for social support programs.

  • Meet with support group leaders to track metrics and progress of social-support programs.

  • Develop content for print and online materials for the in-person support groups.


Duties relating to online peer-support network

  • Develop or contract the development of an online peer-support training program.

  • Facilitate online peer-support training for trans and gender diverse people in Sask.

  • Establish an online peer-to-peer support system for trans and gender diverse people in Sask.

  • Regularly meet with peer-supporters to check-in and track peer-support metrics.

  • Providing online peer support when necessary.


Duties relating to transgender and transition related healthcare

  • Work with health and mental health providers to develop and deliver a 1 day long workshop that focuses on how service providers can best support their transgender clients.

  • Work with health and mental health providers to develop information and resources for transgender and gender diverse people seeking medical interventions in Saskatchewan.


Qualifications / Assets

There are no concrete requirements for this job, however we consider the following to be desirable assets:

  • Lived experience of transgender and/or gender diverse experience(s);

  • Extensive knowledge and current issues facing transgender and gender diverse communities and people in Saskatchewan;

  • Experience working with transgender, gender diverse, and other marginalized communities;

  • Knowledge of the process around accessing transgender and transition related care in Saskatchewan;

  • Knowledge of anti-oppressive frameworks and practices;

  • Project management experience;

  • Organizational skills;

  • Able to work effectively with a team, and alone; and

  • Knowledge of Google Products (Gmail, Google Documents, etc)


We recognize the importance of hiring people with marginalized identities, and we invite you to disclose any lived experiences with: transphobia, transmisogyny, homophobia, racism, ableism, fatphobia/sizeism, colonialism, classism, whorephobia, Islamophobia or other forms of institutional violence.


To Apply


Please send a cover letter and resume to Cat Haines, Co-Chair, ( before Jan 23, 2018 at 5:00pm. In place of a cover letter and resume, you may submit a 3-5 minute video or audio application, or any other medium you feel most comfortable expressing yourself and your experiences through. Your application should indicate your experience working with transgender and gender diverse people and communities, as well as your experience managing projects. TransSask recognizes that institutional violence prevents many transgender and gender diverse people from gaining these skills professionally, and as result, we encourage you include any professional, and non-professional experience you believe is relevant to the role.