Sex Worker Solidarity

Last year the Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA) and the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act (FOSTA) were signed into law, and are now beginning to be enforced more broadly. In response to these acts, as well as the Cloud Act, the Board of Directors for TransSask Support Services Inc. has decided to both change our official site domain from .org to .ca, and migrate our hosting services to a Canadian based provider.

We’ve made these moves to ensure the protection of our website, services, partners and community from over-reaching and dangerous legislation, and believe this move is a necessary step of being able to provide resources and support for sex workers. SESTA/FOSTA has already been widely condemned as a violation of people’s rights, both to privacy and free speech. These acts conflate sex work with sex trafficking, and directly harms many of the people it purports to protect by removing essential resources for screening, communication, and safe advertisement of their services. As a result, it forces sex workers into increasingly unsafe spaces to conduct their business both online and off.

TransSask Support Services stands in solidarity with sex workers, and thus, is in direct opposition to these oppressive laws. We recognize that people are involved in sex work for a vast number of reasons, and while action must be taken to prevent sex trafficking, the two are not synonymous and these acts are absolutely not the correct course of action to take. We will continue to support sex workers access much needed resources and care, and work to both fight these existing laws as well as ensure similar laws are not enacted here in Saskatchewan/Canada.

If you are a sex worker interested in supporting other sex workers in the province, let us know, we would be happy to start a conversation around how TransSask can best support  your needs. 

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