Request for Proposals – Strategic Planning

Proposal Deadline: March 30th, 2021

Download full posting here: Strategic Planning – RFP

TransSask Support Services, Inc. is currently accepting proposals for a strategic planner/facilitator to develop a 10-year strategic plan (including financial, outreach, and advocacy strategies) to increase our organization’s capacity. This facilitator will be responsible for meeting with our board of directors to help shape and refine:

  • Our mission and core values
  • Our vision statement
  • Our strategic objectives
  • Our long-term organization goals

The facilitator will be further responsible for producing the final, deliverable version of our strategic plan for presentation to the board of directors.

Your proposal should contain, but is not limited to the following items:

  1. A letter of intent
  2. A resume or list of previous work from each facilitator
  3. A detailed deliverables timeline for the strategic planning process
  4. A detailed quotation with any expected fees and costs

As an organization run by and for trans people in Saskatchewan, TransSask will prioritize proposals from those who are trans and/or non-binary, and who have contextual knowledge of the issues facing trans and non-binary people in Saskatchewan. As an organization committed to working in solidarity with Two Spirit and QTBIPOC communities, particularly trans women of colour, TransSask will additionally prioritize proposals from those who are Indigenous, Two Spirit, Black, or People of Colour. We encourage proposals to include a statement referencing any self-identification of these experiences, or other relevant lived experiences. 

Please submit your proposal and any requests for information to:

Claire Yacishyn, Project Manager
TransSask Support Services

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