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Regina, SK (June 4, 2018): TransSask Support Services Inc. and UR Pride Centre for Sexuality and Gender Diversity are hosting Saskatchewan’s first Trans Pride on June 15th, 2018. The event will take place at the Regina Speaker’s Corner, and includes a community potluck from 4-6pm, followed by a line-up of local and national transgender artists and activists, including world renowned transgender cartoonist, Sophie Labelle. The theme for Trans Pride 2018 is Accessible Trans Affirming Healthcare.

“Pride celebrations are deeply rooted in the resistance and struggle of queer and trans communities – but in the years since marriage equality, the tone of Pride has largely shifted from one of struggle, to one of celebration” said Cat Haines, Co-Chair (Regina) of TransSask Support Services. “We are creating a space where can not only celebrate Pride, but also bring awareness to the serious issues still facing transgender people and communities in this province.”

In the provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba, 64% of transgender youth (14-25 years) have reported avoiding medical care because of previous negative experiences, and 50% of transgender youth had attempted suicide in the previous year. [1]

Within Saskatchewan there is a single health provider, who currently has a 3+ year waitlist, able to make referrals for out-of-province transition related care – which due to a lack of local services, is a common situation for transgender patients.

The keynote speaker of Trans Pride 2018 is Sophie Labelle, a world-renowned transgender cartoonist, as well as a children’s book illustrator and novelist from Montreal. She is famous for her webcomic about a group of queer and transgender teenagers, Assigned Male, which has been running for four years and reaches a million of readers weekly. She has been touring a lot in the past few years to give talks at LGBT associations and some of the most prestigious universities of the world.

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Media Contacts:

Cat Haines (she/her)
Co-Chair, Regina
TransSask Support Services Inc.
Jacq Brasseur (they/them)
Executive Director
UR Pride Centre for Sexuality
and Gender Diversity
306-586-8811 Ext. 207

TransSask Support Services Inc is a Saskatchewan based non-profit organization that exists to serve the transgender community in Saskatchewan. TransSask is currently involved in a number of initiatives including the Saskatchewan Trans Health Coalition, a group of community organizations, health providers, and advocates working to improve the transgender affirming healthcare in Saskatchewan.

UR Pride Centre for Sexuality and Gender Diversity is a non-profit 2LGBTQ+ service provider housed at the University of Regina. UR Pride offers multiple programs and supports to students, faculty and staff at the University of Regina and its’ affiliated colleges. In addition to serving the campus community, UR Pride also provides services and programming for the entire city of Regina.

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