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Saskatchewan (Feb 5, 2019): The Saskatchewan Transgender Health Coalition (STHC) is pleased to announce the release of the first version of the Saskatchewan Medical Transition Guide, intended for transgender and gender diverse individuals seeking to medically transition in the province of Saskatchewan. The guide offers information around what processes and procedures related to medically transitioning are available within and outside the province of Saskatchewan; how and where to access these services; and what services are covered by SaskHealth.

“The Government of Saskatchewan provides inadequate information with regards to what services are available to residents, as well as how and where to access these services” said Cat Haines, a transgender woman, and Co-Chair of TransSask Support Services. “This guide is intended to fill in some of the blanks and provide trans and gender diverse residents of Saskatchewan with the information they deserve and need around how to access services related to their medical transition.”

“There was nothing like this when I began to transition. Having a guide like this would have saved me a great deal of time, anguish, and anxiety” said Miki Mappin, a transgender woman and member of the Saskatchewan Transgender Health Coalition.

The Saskatchewan Transgender Health Coalition is a coalition of transgender and gender diverse patients, advocates, and activists; 2SLGBTQIAP+ organizations; and frontline healthcare providers and support staff seeking to improve the state of transgender and transition related healthcare in the province of Saskatchewan.

“By providing this guide we intend to also give tools to healthcare providers in search of alleviated barriers to care” said Jack Saddleback, a Two Spirit transgender man, and Cultural & Projects Coordinator of OUTSaskatoon. “As a service provider, we have been tasked to work closely with healthcare professionals to offer guidance on navigating the healthcare systems for their trans and gender diverse patients. Too often we have found that healthcare professionals have been ill equipped with little to no information provided by the systems in which they work in.”

The Saskatchewan Medical Transition Guide is available from organizations involved in the Saskatchewan Transgender Health Coalition including TransSask, OUTSaskatoon, UR Pride, Trans Umbrella Foundation and Moose Jaw Pride.

Media Contacts:

Cat Haines (she/her)
Co-Chair (Regina)
TransSask Support Services Inc.
Jack Saddleback (he/him)
Cultural & Project Coordinator


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