Health and Mental Health Providers List

All of the information on this page has been anonymously contributed by trans and gender non-conforming people, and reflect personal experiences. Services that are crossed out are services that some members have accessed, and others have been unable to access.

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Disclaimer: Everyone’s experiences with health and mental health providers are unique, and often based on that person’s previous experiences in the health and mental health system. TransSask strives to maintain the quality, and accuracy of this information, however we cannot guarantee it’s accuracy, or that your experience will reflect the experiences of those who submitted the information.

Prince Albert

Name: Dr. Alanna YoungPhone: 306-764-1513 Accepting Patients: NoServices: Primary Care Quality of Care: 9/10 “Very willing to learn and assist. Was not familiar with details of trans health care. Currently only accepting prenatal patients however might be worth a referral/call and stating that is for trans health care and she may consider.” “I called Alana in prince Albert and she told me to contact Dr. Bettin in Saskatoon.”


Name: Cindy BotePhone: 306-993-9704 Accepting Patients: UnknownServices: Mental Health Quality of Care: 8 Pretty good at using my gender-neutral pronouns, slipped up a few times, apologized, and moved on but then sent an email apologizing, which I felt was unnecessary. Seems somewhat knowledgeable about genderqueer/non-binary identity, didn’t waste any time asking me to explain it, or question it. Accepting.
Name: Dr. Megan ClarkPhone: 306-766-0444 Accepting Patients: Yes (No Referral)Services: Primary Care, Hormones, Primary Referrals for GRS, Non-binary Health Quality of Care: 10 Will accept new patients if you say your trans. Really knowledgeable about women’s health. Is an active advocate for access to medical resources. Referred me without any hassle to Dr. Kozan for surgery. Respected that I knew what I needed for my transition and non-binary gender. Asks and notes chosen name and pronouns. The Family Medical Unit itself is trans friendly and very nice. I like working with the student doctors, and by working with them, I am advocating for myself. As Dr. Clark told me, they get the chance to see we’re just people and they can treat us the same (aka respectfully and professionally).
Name: Dr. Megan ClarkPhone: 306-766-0444 Accepting Patients: NoServices: Primary Care, Mental Health, Hormones Quality of Care: 10 Very knowledgable and patient first approach. Dr. Clarke is currently training other residents about trans health at the Family Medicine Unit, and is an active member of the Sask Trans Health Coalition.
Name: Dr Daniel KozanPhone: 306-519-8737 Accepting Patients: Yes (With Referral)Services: Top Surgery Quality of Care: 10  
Name: Dr Tom PerronPhone: 306-546-5022 Accepting Patients: Yes (With Referral)Services: Hormones, Non-binary Health Quality of Care: 10  
Name: Dr. Randy RadfordPhone: 306-352-2299 Accepting Patients: Yes (No Referral)Services: Primary Care, Referals upon request Quality of Care: 10 Place is kind of a one-stop-dr-shop. Not sure what all they provide but Dr. Radford will write you referals for counselors, Dr.s, and surgeons for top surgery or hormones. Big help for getting you on your way through your transformation. He’s also always willing and ready to learn more about trans/non binary health or any specialized care you may require. All the nurses and other Drs SHOULD be friendly, but if you ever have a problem just tell Dr. Radford. He’ll fix it.
Name: Dr. Alina VitelarPhone: 306-546-7750 Accepting Patients: UnknownServices: Primary Care, Non-binary Health, Referrals for hormones Quality of Care: 10  


Name: Dr Leanne BettinPhone: 306-652-0300 Accepting Patients: Yes (With Referral)Services: Primary Care, Puberty Blockers, Hormones, Primary Referrals for GRS, Secondary Referrals for GRS, Top Surgery, Hysterectomy, Orchiectomy, Non-binary Health Quality of Care: 10 Best dr I’ve ever had
Name: Dr. Gideon DalaPhone: 306-933-3004 Accepting Patients: Yes (With Referral)Services: Hormones Quality of Care: 1  
Name: Dr. Sara DungevalPhone: 306-361-4163 Accepting Patients: Yes (With Referral)Services: Mental Health, Primary Referrals for GRS, Secondary Referrals for GRS Quality of Care: 10 Very experienced and knowledgable. Very anti-gatekeeping. Because of capacity, Dr. Dungeval is only accepting patients for surgical referrals.
Name: Dr. Carla HolinatyPhone: 306-655-4200 Accepting Patients: UnknownServices: Primary Care, Hormones Quality of Care: 10 Great ally, knowledgeable.
Name: Dr Pamela MiersPhone: 306-953-3366 Accepting Patients: Yes (With Referral)Services: Top Surgery, General Surgery Quality of Care: 9 Terrific experience – top surgery in form of double mast only – no plastics
Name: Dr Natasha PaytonPhone: 306-653-5970 Accepting Patients: Yes (With Referral)Services: Hysterectomy, Non-binary Health, Gynogological Quality of Care: 9 Great experience
Name: Dr. Kelly PeeskerPhone: 306-652-2632 Accepting Patients: UnknownServices: Primary Care, Hormones Quality of Care: 10 Good at listening, gaining knowledge, knows when to ask questions of others.
Name: Dr. Veronica McKinneyPhone: 306-664-4310‬ Accepting Patients: Yes (With Referral)Services: Primary Care, Hormones Quality of Care: 10 Must be member of Saskatoon Community Clinic. She has years of experience beginning in BC a decade ago. She is First Nation. Hard to get an appointment as she works half time, other half Health Officer for Northern Saskatchewan.